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Our interdisciplinary team will assess a child’s language and developmental status and subsequently assist families to create a roadmap that emphasizes communication, language proficiency, and social-emotional well-being. Most of our clinicians are bilingual and bicultural with spoken English and American Sign Language. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program values a whole child approach and strives to provide a full range of opportunities for families. Our team is dedicated to equitable and evidence-based care.

DHHP clinicians collaborate closely with physicians, allied health professionals, and educators to meet the needs of your child at all stages of their journey. This is essential for all children, especially those who are interested in learning about candidacy for cochlear implants and BAHA technologies.

We have a unique outreach and support program for families of D/deaf and hard of hearing children. Local social events foster relationships and a sense of belonging. Community representation matters; it is valuable for D/deaf and hard of hearing children to have peers and mentors to connect with.

Services within the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program may include:

  • audiologic evaluation
  • education and outreach support
  • neuropsychological evaluation
  • psychological evaluation
  • speech and language evaluation
  • speech and language therapy

Your child may qualify for an appointment with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program if they present with any of the following:

If your child has additional diagnoses (i.e. congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV), autism spectrum disorder, CHARGE syndrome), they likely qualify for an appointment with our team. For additional information on how to determine if an appointment with DHHP is the right fit for you or your child, please visit our contact us page for our intake questionnaire.

At this time, our DHHP-Psychology Practice is unable to offer therapy and counseling support. If you are interested in learning about therapy options for your child who is D/deaf and hard of hearing, please continue to contact our team and we will best direct your inquiry to our trusted colleagues in the community.