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Medical Staff Transition Program | Overview

A program is being put in place jointly by Boston Children’s Hospital, the Physicians’ Organization (PO), and the Boston Children’s foundations to facilitate the transition of physicians and surgeons from full active practice into retirement. In doing this, we feel it is important to maintain a connection to the department, Boston Children’s, and Harvard Medical School in which an individual can continue to teach, mentor, attend conferences, and be involved in the Boston Children’s environment to the level of their desire and the department’s and hospital’s needs. In establishing this program, the three participating organizations have distinct roles to play. The individual who is involved in this transition will need to understand the role of each as they structure their transition.

Boston Children’s Hospital

  • Boston Children’s will provide administrative support and a contact point for this program. Paige Glavin will be the primary contact person for individual participant’s non-departmental concerns including:
    • Maintaining ID, e-mail addresses, phones, and HMS appointments. 
  • A newsletter will be published quarterly by the organizing committee of this teaching and mentoring transitional program.
  • Quarterly meetings will take place in conjunction with the Physicians’ Organization to provide education and updates about medical issues, as well as retirement issues of importance to transitioning employees. 
  • Information technology support will be organized such that an individual’s questions relative to medical record observation for teaching, email, IT support for conferences, and Zoom meetings will be provided.
  • Touch down space for individuals coming into conferences will be provided in a common area.
  • We will connect with the Massachusetts General Hospital transitional program for faculty as well as CRICO on an ongoing basis to keep members apprised of opportunities for education and ongoing malpractice coverage needs.
  • A wellness program related to retirees will be integrated into this program.

The Physicians’ Organization

As you transition to retirement, there are changes to the benefits you receive as an active employee. The Physicians’ Organization will work with you to provide guidance regarding changes to your PO-sponsored benefits, direct you to the right person with questions regarding Foundation-sponsored benefits, and supply you with benefits carrier contact information.

If possible, we recommend early planning so you are educated around options relating to benefits prior to your retirement date to ensure a smooth transition.

The information regarding PO-sponsored benefits continuation as you transition from your role can be located on internal Health Affairs/Professional Medical Staff Services page under Medical Staff Transition Program.

Planning for Medicare

Whether you are new to Medicare, getting ready to turn 65, or preparing to retire, you will need to make several important decisions about your health coverage. There are private and state consulting service options available for your assistance. The SHINE Counselors are endorsed by the state and available to offer you assistance with your Medicare decisions at no cost. To be connected to a local SHINE counselor and schedule an appointment call:

Retirement educational sessions

As part of the Medical Staff Transition program, educational sessions will be offered quarterly via Zoom around topics of interest related to retirement planning. The recordings are accessible on web2.

For questions regarding PO-sponsored benefits, please reach out to For questions regarding Foundation-sponsored benefits, including retirement benefits and the Retiree Medical Savings Plan (through TASC), please contact your Foundation directly for details.

Medical staff transition to retirement — hospital checklist

Boston Children’s Hospital and the Physician Foundations have created an overview of options to enhance the wellbeing and engagement of faculty as they transition toward retirement. Faculty should discuss with their Department Chair/Chief the menu for their individual transitions.

The Individual Foundation

The Individual Foundation will remain responsible for identifying participants and promoting the value of the program to them. They will define the ways in which an individual may participate in a transitional program. This could include:

  1. Employment agreements need to be edited to reflect altered status
  2. Core privilege transition
  3. Altered work schedule and responsibilities
  4. Change in benefit programs and salary structure
  5. Incentive toward status change
  6. Teaching and mentoring activities
  7. Stipends allowing ongoing involvement in professional societies, travel to meetings, and educational endeavors.

Individuals who are entering or considering entering a retirement transitional program from active clinical practice should discuss these issues with the Chief of their department. Individuals can also choose to discuss such issues with either Dr. James Kasser, Paige Glavin, or a member of the program organizing committee.

Medical Staff Transition Program leadership

James Kasser, MD

Irene Paresky, PO, COO

Other contacts

Paige Glavin
Health Affairs Coordinator
Non-departmental concerns (BCH ID, BCH email, phones, HMS appointments)
Phone: 781-812-5552

Alena Labkovich
PO Benefits & HRIS Team Leader
PO Sponsored Benefits
Email: or
Phone: 617-919-1580 or 617-355-7513