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Financial Information | Overview


Tuition for the program: $7,000 for the academic year (June to June).

Application fee: $100 (non-refundable) and must be submitted at the time of application.

  • Please note that no applications will be processed until this fee is received.

Books, supplies and materials: Approximately $500 for the year (see below).

Tuition deposit: A $1,000 deposit is required after notification of admission and with the applicant's acceptance letter.

  • No deposit can be accepted after May 31 for the June classes.
  • Any student who has not made his tuition deposit by this date automatically forfeits his place in the class and must re-apply to enter a future class.
  • In the event that a student withdraws from the program after June 1, the tuition deposit is non-refundable.

Tuition payment schedule: Tuition may be paid in full at any time prior to June 1.

Tuition balance after deposit: The remaining $6,000 may be paid in full at any time or in three payments as follows:

  • $2,500 due on or before the first day of classes of Quarter II
  • $2,500 due on or before the first day of classes of Quarter III
  • $1,000 due on or before the first day of classes of Quarter IV


Tuition refund policy

All tuition payments are due on or before the schedule listed above. If payments are not received by the dates listed, the Program Director may ask the student to withdraw from the program in its entirety. Special circumstances will be considered.

Refunds for tuition payments will be made under the following policy: Refund
Tuitions paid in full before September 1:  
Withdrawal from program before classes begins $7,000
Withdrawal from program during first quarter $6,000
Withdrawal from program during any remaining quarter $0
Tuition paid by installments:  
There is no refund for tuition paid in installments. All tuition payments are due on the dates listed on the payment schedule and are non-refundable. $0


Students who have not made tuition payments on time, for any reason, will not be permitted to attend classes and may be dropped from the program.

Students who withdraw, are asked to leave or are dismissed from the program for financial or academic reasons for any academic year must re-apply for admission to any future year. Tuition paid in the original academic year may not be applied to future programs.

In refunding tuition, the administration of the training program considers all forms of financial assistance, grants or loans. An equitable portion of the refund is returned to each form of assistance.

Financial aid

Neither Boston Children's Hospital nor any of the institutions affiliated with the END Technology Program provide financial aid in the form of loans, grants or scholarships at this time.

Occasionally, private funds are available to award partial scholarships to students in need of financial assistance.

Additional expenses

The following is an estimate of additional expenses that may be incurred throughout the training program. This is only a partial list and may not represent all the expenses for supplies or books. However, realizing the increased costs of the educational process, we attempt to keep these costs as low as possible.

Books Cost
Fundamentals of EEG Technology Vol. I $90
Fundamentals of EEG Technology Vol. II $90
Medical Terminology $40
Fisch and Spehlmann's EEG Primer $80
Electronics the Easy Way $15
The Human Brain Coloring Book $15
EEG Electrodes, Application, & Infection Control $28
EEG Normal Patterns & Variants $28
First Steps...Groundwork in EEG $16
EEG Electrodes, Application & Infection Control $28


Coat Cost
Embroidered lab coat $50