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What is CARES for Kids?

CARES for Kids is a new MassHealth program to support clinics that care for children with medical complexity. Participation in this program would allow MassHealth to direct funding to Boston Children’s Hospital, allowing us to continue the services we currently provide.

This program will be available for all MassHealth members under 21 years old who meet the medical necessity criteria. It is estimated that around 1-1.5% of MassHealth members under 21 would benefit from this level of care coordination. The CARES team will be embedded in pediatric specialty or primary care settings where medically complex children receive medical care.

What does this mean for patients?

There will likely be no change to your current care. Because the benefit is directly supporting our clinic, you may have more check-ins with your medical team as our team processes become more robust.

Will I lose any services by agreeing or declining to participate?

No. Whether or not you choose to participate, your care team will not change and you can continue to see all your current providers. The CARES for Kids program will not change any of your current care or services received.

Your MassHealth benefits will NOT change whether you decide to enroll or not.

Will I need to complete anything to enroll my child?

No. If your child’s care team is participating in the program and your child is eligible, the care team will connect with you to confirm interest in enrollment. Once your child is enrolled, you will receive a letter from our team officially welcoming you as part of the CARES for Kids program.

When does this program start?

The program is set to start in Fall 2023.

How long will I be enrolled?

If you decide to enroll, your child will remain in the program until one of the following occurs:

  • your child turns 21 years old
  • your child no longer needs to follow as many specialty providers
  • you stop receiving your care at Boston Children’s Hospital
  • you choose to end the enrollment

How can I leave the program?

Please contact your care team at any time to discuss enrollment or request ending enrollment.