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Illustration: Transforming tomorrow. Clinicians care for patient in hospital bed.

Boston Children’s Hospital is undertaking essential expansion and renewal projects. With occupancy rates operating at near capacity and a steadily growing number of complex patients, our facilities need to be modernized to meet today’s needs. This will ensure the highest quality and safest care for patients and families.

These efforts, collectively and fittingly known as Transforming Tomorrow, amplify our unwavering commitment to provide high-quality care, enhance the health and well-being of the children and families we serve and increase our capacity to heal.

Our focus

The essence of Transforming Tomorrow is three-fold:

  1. enhance high-quality care and meet the demand for our services
  2. improve experience and increase access for patients and families
  3. create an environment to enable clinical teams to collaborate more effectively

Contact us

For questions related to enhancement and renewal projects at Boston Children’s Hospital, please email