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Board of Trustees

Independent trustees

  • Doug Berthaiume: Former Chief Executive Officer, Waters Corporation (Chair)
  • Rob Smith: Founding and Managing Partner, Castanea Partners (Vice Chair)
  • Steve Karp: Chief Executive Officer, New England Development (Immediate Past Chair)
  • Allan Bufferd: Treasurer Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Winston Henderson: Vice President and General Counsel, Clear Scientific Inc.
  • Ivor Braden Horn, MD: Director, Health Equity & Product Inclusion, Google
  • Steve Krichmar: Former Chief of Operations, Putnam Investments
  • Robert Langer, ScD: Professor, Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Vivian Lee, MD, PhD: Executive Fellow and Senior Lecturer, Harvard Medical School
  • Harvey Lodish, PhD: Professor, Biology and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Member, Whitehead Institute
  • Gary Loveman, PhD: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Well
  • Ralph Martin II: Partner, Prince Lobel
  • Thomas Melendez: Former Investment Officer, MFS Investment Management
  • William "Ted" Pappendick IV: Senior Advisor, Bain Capital
  • Kathy Regan: Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Commonwealth Fund
  • Alison Taunton-Rigby: Director, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Financial Services
  • Lisa Wieland: President, New England, National Grid

Ex-officio trustees

  • Kevin B. Churchwell, MD: President and Chief Executive Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital (voting)
  • Jim Mandell, MD: Board Chair, Franciscan Children’s Hospital (voting)
  • Steve Fishman, MD: Surgeon-in Chief, Department Chief of General Surgery, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Gary Fleisher, MD: Physician-in-Chief, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Peter Laussen, MBBS: Executive Vice President, Health Affairs, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Mark Proctor, MD: Board Chair, Physicians’ Organization, Neurologist-in-Chief, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Laura J. Wood, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN: Executive Vice President, Patient Care Operations; System Chief Nursing Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital